Book Party *The BFG*

Well we started the BFG back in November I think! I honestly don’t even remember. The combination of life, Christmas, kids getting sick, and the insane tongue twisters in the book, we finally finished it 3 months later!!! I wanted to celebrate with the kids (because really, who doesn’t like a party) so we bought the movie, got a few supplies from the grocery store and decide to have a book party!

I got Salem and Shiloh a sketch book strictly for the books we read (and I realized that was absolutely not okay! Judah NEEDED one.. or so he told me about 50 times). If they felt like it, they would open their books during the story and draw either what I was currently reading, or what I had read previously. They really seemed to enjoy following along with their own drawings. We are reading The Secret Garden next and I think I might have to purchase my own sketch book for that one!!

During the day today, we drew giant footprints and hand prints in the dirt and decorated them with rocks and flowers. We hopped back and forth from one foot print to another, and we imagined how tall the giants would be by looking at different tree branches. I needed a little bit of time to set up the party so the 3 big ones watched a show in the family room while Jasper finished up his nap. I was working as fast as I could to get it all together since I only had just a bit of quiet time. I was working so fast that I noticed that I spelled one of the words wrong. So just to address that, yes it IS frobscottle and yes I DID write frobsquattle. I blame it on the exhaustion.

Here are a few pictures from the party!

The Frobscottle is Mountain Dew with green sprinkles to give it that fizz!

Salem chomping down on some snozzcumbers!

Judah went on to show us all what happens when you drink frobscottle!!

Salem and Shiloh drew their own dreams and labeled them. “Judah Destroys the Earth” and “Mom’s Hard Day.”

Gee, I wonder how she got that idea….

Jaspy woke up and couldn’t miss out on the fun!

After the laughter died down, we went on to talk about our dreams. Our hopes. Our wishes. We talked and I wrote a few of them down and placed them in their dream jar. They had so much fun decorating them, and I loved hearing the things that they wanted to achieve.

Shiloh found some rope and we decided Salem was one of the mean giants and tied him up! Then they all turned on me!

When Jeff got home, we sat down with some subs and turned on the movie. It was super cute but the kids were amazed at how different it was from the book. Salem kept yelling,”That didn’t happen right!”

It’s not always rainbows and butterflies here. It’s not always peaceful. Perfect kids that never fight and always listen tentatively to every page you read just aren’t real.┬áIt is a home full of effort though. Lately, The Lord has been showing me about peace from discipline. If you work for peace, it comes. It rests on you. It comforts you. I haven’t touched the surface of what I know He wants for me, I mean hell, I yelled at Shiloh this afternoon for crying! Crying! Lol! The correct response sometimes is the HARDEST one!! What I am trying to say with all of this rambling is that something as simple as reading a book and having a book party can bring your home real peace. It is about togetherness. It is about doing something fun with your children and for your children that they will remember. Who cares if they remember the thematic or literary elements of the book and all of the meanings and messages behind it?! They will always remember the celebrations and the pride of finishing something as a family. That is something that I will remember too. Because after all, I am growing with them too.

We are starting The Secret Garden this week! I hope to be done by April, just in time to start planting our own garden. If anyone wants to join us, you best believe there will be a party to celebrate afterwards!!!

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