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The Justice Boys

I love photographing siblings. Especially brothers. There is just something about brothers that make me smile. They make each other laugh, they make each other cry, and with just one look they know what the other is thinking. These brothers were no exception! They were so fun to take pictures of! So full of energy! […]

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Mr. and Mrs. Morgan

“I remember the first glance. I remember the first romance… …I remember the first dance, when I fell in love with you…. … when I fell in love… …. I thought that I would never know love, and maybe I would never know touch…. …. until you came and awakened me. You came, unlocking me… […]

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Anniston is ONE!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet girl!! I am so glad we got to take your pictures today! Isn’t she beautiful?? Gotta love the tutu!!!! I wasn’t so sure if this shoot was going to happen today…. the clouds were huge and gray and little rain sprinkles kept threatening to turn into big tear drops. When I pulled […]

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It happened.

So I was on my way home from my mom’s house this afternoon and I noticed this beautiful little patch of grass. The sun was hitting it just right to make it look like it was glowing. So I thought, “This is going to happen, I need some new pictures of my babies”. My children […]

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Baby Wyatt

I really don’t have many words to say about this post except for God is good. God is faithful. God is love. Baby Wyatt is a miracle baby and he has the most deserving, amazing, loving parents I know. Congratulations Meagan and Larkin. I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am for you. […]

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